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Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 20L

Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 20L

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Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 is an extra high performance commercial gear lubricant formulated from select base oils and an advanced additive system. It is engineered for performance in heavy-duty commercial transmissions, axles, and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading are expected.

Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 provides excellent chemical and thermal stability at elevated bulk oil temperatures, good performance at low temperatures, and has demonstrated good rust protection resulting from water contamination and wet conditions. Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 recommended by ExxonMobil for applications where API GL-5 and MT-1 service is required.

Features and Benefits
• Excellent thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation - Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits and longer seal life.
• Good protection against low speed/high torque wear and against high speed scoring - Increased load carrying capability and reduced operating costs.
• Excellent rust, staining, and corrosion protection - Reduced wear and longer component life.
• Effective low temperature lubrication - Reduced wear and ease of start-up.
• Wide multipurpose capability - Reduced number of gear lubricants to simplify inventory and minimize misapplication.
• Good resistance to foaming - Maintains film strength for effective lubrication.
• Compatible with typical automotive seals and gaskets - Minimum leakage and reduced contamination.

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