Engineered for outstanding performance and protection

Mobil™ motor oils deliver performance, protection and peace of mind every time you’re on the road. Whether you own a car, truck or motorcycle, our high-quality motor oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases and other lubricants can help you get the most out of your vehicle.

  • Mobil 1™

    One of the world's best selling oils, Mobil 1™ motor oils are put to the test in the lab, on the road and on the track – duplicating some of the toughest, most extreme, real-life conditions anywhere in the world.

  • Mobil Super ™

    Mobil Super™ engine oils are formulated to keep you on top of all that life demands – bringing you outstanding wear protection at wallet-friendly prices.

  • Mobil Delvac ™

    Drivers around the world rely on Mobil Delvac™ diesel engine oils. Chosen by many of the world’s leading heavy-duty original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Mobil Delvac helps protect your engine to keep it going strong.

NZ's authorised distributor

Allied Petroleum is the authorised distributor of Mobil Lubricants in NZ. We import, warehouse and deliver the Mobil product range throughout the country. We've feet on the ground, with sales specialists and engineers ready to help you get the most out of your equipment.

We’re a local business supported by global expertise and resources. To learn more about bulk lubricant delivery or onsite technical support please visit Allied Petroleum's website.