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Mobil Antifreeze Extra 1L

Mobil Antifreeze Extra 1L

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Mobil Antifreeze Extra is an extra high performance concentrated antifreeze formula that needs to be diluted prior to being used.

Features and Benefits
Mobil Antifreeze Extra contains Glysantin® G48® from BASF. Mobil Antifreeze Extra was developed to protect car, truck and bus engines of both ferrous and aluminium construction against corrosion and frost damage. It contains a blend of inhibitors designed to give a high degree of corrosion protection to engine components such as radiators, cylinder blocks/heads and water pumps over a 3 years period. Mobil Antifreeze Extra is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.

Dilution Table

Antifreeze Water Freeze Protection
33% 67% -18°C
50% 50% -36°C
60% 40% -52°C

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