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Mobil Outboard Plus 4L

Mobil Outboard Plus 4L

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Mobil Outboard Plus is a high performance, two-stroke engine oil that is designed for many high performance, water-cooled two-stroke engines used in outboard marine applications. Mobil Outboard Plus offers clean engine and environmental performance.

Mobil Outboard Plus is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing when added to fuel.

Features and Benefits
•  Good thermal and oxidation stability and deposit control - Cleaner engines resulting in reduced ring sticking and cylinder scuffing, extended engine life and more reliable operation.
•  Outstanding anti-wear protection - Extended life of critical components and engine.
•  Excellent corrosion protection properties - Longer engine life.
•  Promotes cleaner combustion and reduced deposits in combustion area - Reduces plug fouling and exhaust port deposits thus minimising pre-ignition, extending spark plug and valve life and increasing fuel efficiency.
•  Good high and low temperature capability - Wide range of ambient temperature application.
•  Non-toxic to marine life - No lingering side affects to marine life.

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