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Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 (Carton 3 X 6L)

Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 (Carton 3 X 6L)

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Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 is a high performance, low ash engine oil designed to help prolong engine life and maintain the efficiency of the exhaust emission reduction systems in both diesel and gasoline powered passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vans.

This product is recommended for use in Mercedes vehicles and a wide range of European cars and light-duty commercial vehicles with oil specifications built on the ACEA C3 and/or API SN industry baseline.

Features and Benefits
• Permits extended operation at elevated temperatures without oxidative oil thickening and oil breakdown.
• Provides excellent fluidity at low temperatures allowing easy winter starting and rapid oil circulation around the engine.
• Long term engine protection from wear and sludge and deposit build-up.
• Suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engine passenger car and light commercial vehicles.

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