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Mobilgrease XHP 222 16KG

Mobilgrease XHP 222 16KG

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Mobilgrease XHP™ 220 greases are extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions.

Mobilgrease XHP 222 is recommended by ExxonMobil for industrial and marine applications, chassis components and farm equipment. Its sticky formulation stays in applications longer.

Features and Benefits
•  Superb resistance to water washout and spray-off - Helps assure proper lubrication and protection even in the most severe water exposure conditions.
•  Highly adhesive and cohesive structure - Excellent grease tenacity, helps reduce leakage and extend re-lubrication intervals for reduced maintenance requirements.
•  Excellent rust and corrosion resistance - Protection of lubricated parts even in hostile aqueous environments.
•  Very good resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation at high temperature - Helps extend grease life and enhance bearing protection in high temperature applications helping to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
•  Very good anti-wear and EP performance - Reliable protection of lubricated equipment, even under conditions of high sliding with potential for extended equipment life and reduced unanticipated downtime.
•  Broad multi-purpose application - Provides potential for inventory rationalization and reduced inventory costs.

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