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Mobilube XHP 75W-90 20L

Mobilube XHP 75W-90 20L

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Mobilube XHP 75W-90 is an extra high performance manual transmission lubricant engineered for the latest heavy duty manual transmissions used in on highway commercial vehicles and cars. This transmission lubricant is designed using select base oils and an advanced additive package that enhances shifting performance, low temperature fluidity, and high temperature viscosity retention.

Mobilube XHP 75W-90 is formulated with extended performance reserve for applications requiring API GL-4 service.

Features and Benefits
• Excellent load carrying, anti-wear, and extreme pressure performance - Extended transmission life and reduced operating costs.
 Excellent protection against deposit and lacquer formation - Longer seal life with extended drain and service intervals. 
• Maximum protection from corrosion of copper and its alloys - Protects and extends the life of synchronisers while delivering smoother shifting performance.
• Effective thermal and oxidation protection at high operating temperatures - Reduces wear and maintenance costs.
• Excellent shear stability - Maintains effective viscosity and film strength during severe operation.
• Very good low-temperature fluidity - Easier, smoother shifting, and quicker starts.
• Extended service capability - Lower operating costs and higher productivity.

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